on the eve of his Aseethi Janmadina Mahotsavam (2004)
At the outset, let me express my Pranamams to my Gurus :
First Guru        :           Late Sri Machiraju Venakteswarlu Garu (Narsapur, E.G.Dist)
Second Guru    :           Sri Karavadi Hari Hara Rao Garu (Hyderabad)
Third Guru       :           Sri V.B.N. Sarma Garu (Warangal)
Spiritual Guru  :           Late Sri Koduru Venkata Ratnam Garu
                                    (Ashramaite, Tiruvanamalai) (T.N.)
Yoga Guru        :           Sri  Anjanananda Yogi (Peddakakani, Guntur)
I also express my Pranamams to all my elders in Astrology and hearty greetings to the Astrological Fraternity.
Let me quote from Varaha Mihira:
                        “No person who studies Astrology and
                        Divines the course of Destiny
                        Will ever be seen in the hell.
                        He will have his permanent abode in the heaven”.
I have spent more than half of my life in learning astrology and still continue to be the student of  astrology, but could not master it,
because it is a big ocean.
I extend my blessings to all my disciples and followers in astrology for their affection to me. I hope that my disciples will devote some time
for in-depth study and research work in astrology and find out new avenues in the field of astrology and take their knowledge to greater
I also hope that my disciples and followers will make the astrology more practical and useful to the humanity, more particularly to those who
are in difficulties and hardship.
I proudly say that the following are the members of my astrological family who are more devoted to the cause of astrology and closely
associated with me :
1.    Prof. D.L. N. Murthy
2.    K. Babu Rao
3.    K.Venkatacharyulu
4.    C.Sambasiva Rao
5.    S.Babu Rao
6.    N.V.R.A.Raja
7.    P.B.Phanindar
8.    M.B.K.Sarma
9.    A.V.Narasimha Rao
10.  A.Krishna Murthy
11.  C.Kameswara Prasad
12.  P.S.Chiranjeevi
13.  K.N. Sudhakar Rao
I have founded the Universal Research Institute of Astro & Occult Sciences in 1986 and the Institute is growing up since then and to
day we have more than 480 members and we have been successfully running the astrological classes with the help of these devoted
I wish them all a long, happy and prosperous life.
Last but not the least, let me congratulate my students in Philosophy and Religion, Sarvashri N.V.R.A.Raja, M. Ramprasad, P.B. Phanindar,
who have passed M.A., (Philosophy & Religion) last year, Sri Akella Krishna Murthy and Dr. Mrs. A. Saraswathi who have passed this year. I
hope they will put their philosophical mind to the development of spiritual astrology and attain spiritual achievement during years to come.
I am deeply indebted to all the members of Aseethi Janmadina Mahotsavam Committee for the felicitations to me. I pray the Almighty
to give them long life, happiness and prosperity during the years to come.
I extend my best wishes to all my friends and well wishers.
Om Sri Uchishta Maha Ganapathaye Namaha
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