Life of Guruji Late Sri P.V .K. PUNNESWARA RAO RAO garu, who hailed from a simple orthodox family, stands as a best example for making the
life a wholesome, fruitful and successful one.
Family Background
Our respected Guruji, Late Sri P.V.K. Punneswara Rao was born on 14th October, 1924 in Vijayawada, in an orthodox Brahmin family and he
was the eleventh child out of thirteen to his parents. His father Sri. Putrevu Sriramulu, was the Karanam (i.e., Village Officer) of Gudivada
village near Tenali (Guntur District) of A.P., till he migrated to Vijayawada (known as Bezawada during the erstwhile British Regime) and
practiced as a Private Vakil for the rest of his life. His mother Smt. Pullamma, was a doting mother.
Sri P.V.K. Punneswara Rao was married to P. Saraswati Devi, daughter of Sri K.V. Subba Rao and Smt. K. Ramamma, on 2nd June, 1948 and
is blessed with four sons and two daughters and all are leading happy and blissful lives. He is blessed with seven grandsons & two
granddaughters and one great granddaughter & one great grandson. He was very happy in the midst of his family circles and more playful
with his grandchildren.

He had his primary education in Hindu High School at Vijayawada and completed Matriculation in 1941, after migrating to Secunderabad in
1936 at the age of 12 years. He passed his Intermediate in Commerce from Bhopal in 1951, while in Service and passed B.Com. from Osmania
University in 1953, with Scholarship as Ex-Serviceman.
He had served in Defense Department from January, 1943 to March, 1947, during the Second World War. He resigned from the Defence
Department and joined the erstwhile Nizam's Government Bank i.e., Hyderabad State Bank (the present State Bank of Hyderabad) on 10-03-
1947 and served for 38 years in various capacities and positions viz., Branches Manager, Chief Instructor of SBH Staff Training Centre, Head
Office Personnel Department and retired as Auditor in Inspection Department on 31-10-1984. He received several appreciations during his
service and retired from the Bank with a clean slate and unblemished record.
While he was in service, he had authored a 'Hand out', a book meant for Examination for Promotion to the Supervisory Cadre, which was
handy for many employees, who make even today the fond remembrances about that. Even after 26 years of his retirement, he is much
revered and held in high esteem among the bank officials.
Social and Other Activities
Our beloved Guruji took active part in various social activities and contributed to the society, in general, in various forms, from time to time.
To mention a few:
1.   He was the Founder President of ‘Loins Club of Medak’ in 1977 and 1978 and sponsored ‘Lions Club of Narsapur’, Medak District, A.P.
in 1978. He participated in Club Meetings and also in Zonal Meetings at Nizamabad, Vishakapatnam and Cochin etc.
2.   He was Life Patron of ‘Ashok Nagar Cultural and Welfare Association’.
3.   He was the President of SBH Employees' House Building Society.
4.   He was the Secretary of 'Association for the Care of the Aged' (Public Society) and also Trust Secretary of 'Senior Citizens Home' at
Shivarampalli, RRDistrict for more than 3 years and donated a cottage, constructed by him, for the use of Senior Citizens, In memory
of his parents.
5.   He was a Life Member of 'Acharya Kul' (of Acharya Vinobha Bhave).
6.   During his school days, he was an inter school debater and was the 'Joint Convener' of ‘Debating Society’ in 1940 and 1941.
7.   He was a Cricket player in his school days. His other games of interest were Ball Badminton, Shuttle Cock and Table Tennis.
Trade Union Activities
Late Guruji was actively involved in Bank's Trade Union activities, throughout his career in the Bank Service and also post-retirement. To
elucidate briefly, his contributions were :
1.   He was the Founder Joint Secretary of 'Hyderabad State Bank Staff Association' in 1948 and he took active part as the Secretary,
the Vice-President and as a Central Council Member for more than 15 years.
2.   After promotion, he founded 'SBH Officers Association' and was one of the office bearers of 'Associate Bank Officers Association',
Hyderabad Unit and took active part for more than 20 years.
3.   He was a Member of the 'Central Executive Committee' at, all India Level for a number of years.
4.   After retirement, he founded 'SBH Employees Pensioners Association' in 1985 and served as the Founder Joint Secretary for more
than 7 years and continued as a Life Member.
Astrological Activities
Apart from all the above, Guruji had evinced a keen interest in Astrology at the age of 24 years. Having been in the field of Astrology for
more than 6 decades, his contributions to the Astrology are enormous and bountiful; and he is ever energetic, zealot and enthusiastic as a
new entrant is. The following is the brief history of is Astrological background :
1.   His first Guru in Astrology was Sri Machiraju Venkateswarlu of Narsapur (East Godavari District), Second Guru was Sri Karavadi Hari
Hara Rao of Hyderabad and Third Guru is Sri V.B.N. Sharma garu of Warangal, who initiated 'Uchishta Ganapati Maha Mantra'.
2.   His spiritual Guru was Sri Koduru Venkata Ratnam, who was a disciple of Sri 'Ramana Maharshi of Tiruvannamalai' in (Tamil Nadu).
3.   His Yoga Guru is Sri Anjanananda Yogi of Kakani, Guntur District of A.P.
4.   He founded the "UNIVERSAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF ASTRO AND OCCULT SCIENCES" [URIAOS] in 1986 to propagate Astrology and
trained hundreds of students. He founded the “UNIVERSAL COLLEGE OF ASTROLOGY TRUST” [UCAT] for imparting the knowledge of
Astrology by running regular classes on Sundays and had trained about 600 persons in Astrology and encouraged them for meetings
and seminars.
5.   He also conducted Special Programmes with the help of his ardent pupils in Malaysia, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.
6.   He practiced traditional astrology for more than 38 years and specialized in K.P. System for about 24 years.
7.   He was the recipient of several titles in the field of Astrology at various conferences:
·         Jyothisha Vachaspathi (Kerala);
·         Jyothisha Vidya Bhaskara (Tirupathi);
·         K.P. Siddhanta Shiromani (Tirupathi);
·         Daivagna Shiromani (Orissa);
·         Daivagna Shiromani (Hyderabad);
·         Jyhothisha Saarvabhowma (Hyderabad);
·         Jyothisha Chakravarthi (Hyderabad);
·         Abhinava Jyothisha Vidya Parangatha (Malaysia);
·         Jyothisa Brahmagnani (Tirupathi);
·         Abhiniva Varaha Mihira (Hyderabad);
·         Brahma Vidya Bhaskara (Ahmedabad);
·         Navagraha Prasadi (Srisailam);
·         Abhinava Varaha Mihira (Srikalahasthi);
·         K.P.Jyotisha Vyaptha Siromani;
8.   His name appeared in 'All India Astrologers Directory'. Of late, his name had been included, having been selected among the 100
Astrologers of India, in the International Directory of Astrologers.
Universal College of Astrology
Since January 1986, regular classes are conducted in Astrology on Sundays for beginners and also for seniors at different levels, by the
‘Universal Research Institute of Astro & Occult Sciences’ [URIAOS], Hyderabad, founded by the Guruji Late Sri. P.V.K.Punneswara Rao. With
growing student membership, it was considered necessary to start a College of Astrology. ‘Universal College of Astrology Trust’ [UCAT] was
founded in August 1992 as a registered Charitable Trust.
For more than two decades, regular courses in Astrology are being conducted and the successful students are awarded the Titles “Jyotisha
Praveena - KP”, “Jyotisha Visharada - KP” and “Jyotisha Siromani” after completion of their course periods. Under the able guidance,
assistance, help and direction of the Guruji Late Sri. P.V..K.Punneswara Rao, the Institute which started with 14 students, had grown in
leaps and bounds and went on to have about 600 Life Members including Patrons. Guruji Late Sri. P.V.K.Punneswara Rao always took pride
that the College has got experienced faculties to teach Astrology and gives practical coaching to students.
1.   He had ‘reading habit’ since his school days. He had a great liking for Swami Vivekananda and studied his epistles, speeches at his
age of 16 years and “In the Woods of God realization” of Swami Rama Tirtha.
2.   Even at the age of 86, he used to go to bed daily, ONLY after reading some book or magazine or journal in Vedic Astrology, Social,
Cultural or Religious Books.
1.   During his young days, he had seen Mahatma Gandhi, Acharya Vinobha Bhave and Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan.
2.   Though he was afraid of Traveling in his child hood, later on he had widely traveled across the length and breadth of the country. He
had traveled the entire South India for 6 times and the North India for at least 4 times, apart from the Western part of the country.
He had visited Malaysia and Singapore too.
He was sentimental in his feelings. He was friendly and good to his friends, relatives and pupils; and becomes emotional when his feelings are
hurt, but reconciles in a few minutes. He likes human touch and humour. He said that he had spent more than half of his life in the study of
astrology and still continued to be a humble student in learning astrology - but could not master it - because it is a big ocean which cannot
be completed in one’s life time. He lead a much contended life and always felt happy to serve others, more particularly when they are in
He believed that all his achievements in the life would not have been possible without the heartiest co-operation and co-ordination of his life
partner, Smt. P.SARASWATI DEVI and he recognized her contribution at every walk of his life.
To conclude, he is more an adviser than an astrologer.
Guruji Late Sri P.V.K. Punneswara Rao
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