UNIVERSAL ASTROLOGICAL BOOK TRUST (Reg.No.311/96 dt.14-10-1996) Hyderabad, India
Origin and Background :
During the year 1996, Management Committees of the Universal Research Institute of Astro & Occult Sciences and of the Universal College of Astrology Trust have decided to entrust the work of publication of astrological books, magazines, journals, booklets, research papers etc., to a separate registered body, for operational convenience.
Accordingly, the Universal Astrological Book Trust was formed and registered on 14th Oct 1996 Under Indian Trust Act.
Following are the members of the Trust Board formed initially.
1. Sri. P.V.K.Punneswara Rao - Founder-President
2. Sri. K.Venkatacharyulu - Secretary
3. Sri. S.Babu Rao - Treasurer
4. Sri. K.Babu Rao - Member
5. Sri. N.V.R.A.Raja - Member
6. Sri. D.L.N.Murthy - Member

Members of the present Trustee Board :
1. Sri. P.D.R.Prasada Rao - President
2. Sri. M.B.K.Sarma - Vice-chairman
3. Sri. P.S.Chiranjeevi - Secretary
4. Sri. K.Nageswara Rao- Treasurer
5. Sri. A.Ravi kiran - Joint Secretary
6. Sri. K.N.Sudhakara Rao - Member
7. Smt. P.Kusuma Sri - Member
8. Sri. C.Kameswara Prasad - Member

Books published by the Trust :
1. A Treatise on Predictive Stellar Astrology(KP System) - First & Second Editions in May, 1989 and Jul, 1993 respectively.
    Theory & Practice of Stellar Astrology(KP System) - Third Edition Jul, 1996.
2. Theory & Practice of Stellar Astrology(KP System) (New and Enlarged Edition) January, 2008.
3. Kala Hora System pf Prediction by K.Venkatachary, First Edition in Aug, 1995 & Second Edition in Jun, 2000.
4. Astrological Ready Reckoner First Edition in Aug, 1995, Second Edition in Jul, 1996 and Third Edition in Jul, 2010.
5. A Scientific study of Medical Palmistry by K.Venkatachary.
6. April 2013 - “Nakshtra Jyotishyam” Telugu translation by Sri C. Sambasiva Rao of the book
   “Predictive Stellar Astrology” by Sri.P.V.K.Punneswara Rao
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